What does WhiteBadge stand for?
Quite simply, peace. No matter to which country or faith someone belongs, the wearing of a white badge is a visible demonstration of the individual’s intent not to commit acts of violence against someone of a different viewpoint, country or faith. Wars are fought in the name of administrations and governments, and ordinary people are normally powerless to stop these devastating and brutal events. Most people would choose agreement over slaughter, understanding rather than violence, and have no appetite for unending conflict. It is time that people worldwide concentrated on what we have in common. It is time that international television was able to show the whole global community – and its leaders – that the vast majority of us, across all nations, want this cycle of continuing conflict to end.

Without saying a word, a simple white badge can make a statement that can be understood, without misinterpretation, by viewers from another country. The statement is one of universal brotherhood, of the absence of ill-intention to the global family of humanity, of a desire to promote understanding and reconciliation and the surety of friendship between individuals who have never met, but who can depend unfailingly on a stranger anywhere in the world who wears this badge.

What will WhiteBadge do?
WhiteBadge has no political agenda. It has no religious denomination. It simply speaks for humanity, every man, woman and child, without exception. It is a voice for every Sikh, every Muslim and every Christian, every Jew, Hindu and Buddhist. For those of all faiths, and those of none, who desire peace.

How does WhiteBadge work?
WhiteBadge works through visibility and international presence. It can be understood without language, and therefore without translation. When seen across the borders of countries whose administrations are locked in conflict, this badge aims to send a clear message of peace and universal brotherhood from the common people, and to the common people, of either side.

This message is one that every man and woman on earth can spread whatever their culture or religion, a message which doesn't depend on geographic, cultural or religious boundaries.

It transcends world events and political viewpoints. It unites, not demarcates. It embraces, not merely tolerates. It extends a hand to show mercy, not violence.

Why is the badge white?
Because no symbol could adequately represent every existing religion, humanitarian cause or interest group in the world the badge deliberately has no symbol. It has also been interpreted as the whiteness of innocence and purity, and could be seen as the colour of the brightest light. The circle is representative of the universality of the human condition, and the lack of any symbol represents the emptiness of lives without human values or understanding.

How can people join WhiteBadge?
There are a number of ways in which you can get involved in WhiteBadge, from wearing a badge yourself to spreading the badges, and the message, among the people in your country or locality. You can find us on YouTube, add us to your friends on Facebook, and ring us free from anywhere in the world on Skype.

You can contact us with an invitation to speak in your country or community, or because you need the help of WhiteBadge directly, or simply to introduce yourself and say hello!

You can help to organise collections of old badges that we can then recycle as white badges and distribute in countries that need them most. If you are traveling internationally you might consider taking these recycled badges with you and giving them to a representative in that country, or you might consider being a representative in your own country and being a central point of contact for others.

You can find all our contact details, together with ways to make a real difference, on our CONTACT page.